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Raymond Giorgi


A start-up created with the idea of building a music recommendation website of the scale of an established resource such as Rhapsody or while using only free resources and a budget of less than $10,000 (including rent).

Closed source.

Project: (resources outdated)

Predictive Energy Efficiency for Green Web Clusters

This project aims to predict future loads on web servers in order to minimize energy consumption while ensuring a high level of quality of service. The plug-in nature ensures that it is easily extendable for individual web clusters and future researchers.

Open Source available under the Apache License v. 2.0


Web site stress testing

An easily configurable website stressing tool designed to allow users to create variable, custom loads to test the efficiency and quality of service in their web cluster configuration. To create the load, the user can specify load changes as a percentage change over time, or the user can provide their own trace. Additionally, the application has a basic web crawler, so the user only needs to specify one page, and the application will find and load links.

Open Source available under the Apache License v. 2.0


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