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Raymond Giorgi


Inmedius, Pittsburgh, PA Feb 2010 to Dec 2010
Engineer 1

A six month contract later extended to eleven months that handled a long-standing contract with the US Navy. The purpose of the project was to create online viewers for manuals for us in maintainance of nuclear engines in Aircraft Carriers and Submarines

  • Enabled cross-browser communication and control across physically distributed servers using a combination of Struts, Javascript, AJAX, Cometd, dojo, EJBs, raw sockets and a developed messaging interface.
  • Embedded Solr and Nutch, Apache’s Java searching and indexing tools, within the application to provide search capabilities and hit-highlighting on a per-manual basis.
  • Dynamically constructed and modified web pages to allow multiple users to modify data and have it reflected in real-time on other users’ machines using a combination of EJBs, Java, Struts, JavaScript, and AJAX
  • Used XSL through Java to translate the Navy’s authored material into a suitable format for the browser, Pittsburgh, PA May 2009 to Feb 2010
Founder and Lead Programmer

A start-up created with the idea of building a music recommendation website of the scale of an established resource such as Rhapsody or while only using free resources and a budget of less than $10,000

  • Designed and admistrated a database including over 1/4 million artists and 1.5 million albums
  • Created recommendations using Hadoop to effeciently manage billions of natural connections between artists.
  • Interfaced with Amazon’s Associates program, Google’s YouTube API, and the API to generate artist information including images, videos, and a storefront
  • Developed a web interface using Hibernate, Struts, and Tiles

Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA May to Aug. 2008
Research Engineering Consultant

A three-month contract position designed to bridge two university collaborations with in-house software. The goal was to leverage current university research with ongoing in-house software development without disrupting the progression of either.

  • Created design specifications and database architecture for a software engineering collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University
  • Developed an automated mapping system between open-source embedded system analyzers developed by UC Berkeley and an in-house modeling and code generation utility

Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA Jan. to Aug. 2008
Research Engineering Consultant

A three-month contract position later extended to eight months, becoming the lead architect of a prototype for an in-house Java application for designers of automotive embedded systems, which provided feedback on the functioning of the system and its component parts.

  • Combined and analyzed XML representations of real-time embedded system schematics using Java
  • Created independent tools to generate end-to-end signal flow of embedded components
  • Used artificial intelligence principles to highlight important modes and signal flows in embedded components
  • Created interfaces to the application that are easily accessible by an Eclipse plug-in environment

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA June to Dec. 2007
Web Developer, DBA, and QA Tester

A three-month contract position enhancing and updating a PHP and MySQL inventory system for the computer science department, renewed for an additional four months to create an alumni social networking site.

  • Enhanced a PHP web-based inventory system for tracking equipment, IP addresses, and classroom use
  • Created an alumni social networking site with PHP, Oracle, and MySQL that allows users to post and search personal information
  • Performed normalization on existing MySQL databases to stream-line queries

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Robotics Group, Indiana, PA Oct. 2004 to June 2006
Lead Developer

Founder of a student robotics research program focusing on developing algorithms that guide robotic functions and publishing papers on the research.

  • Secured the initial grant and founded the program
  • Developed an image processing algorithm to track and follow moving objects
  • Developed a distributed application using C++ and Java that performed image processing on more powerful computers and forwarded the results to the robot’s controlling laptop
  • Wrote research grant proposals and secured additional funding as need arose.

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA May 2009
Master’s of Science in Computer Science
Focus: Distributed Systems and Operating Systems
Master’s project: Coordinated dynamic voltage scaling for energy-efficient multi-tiered web servers.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA May 2006
Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science; Summa cum laude
Minor: Mathematics
Ranked first in computer science graduating class

Java, C++, C, Javascript, J2EE, SQL, PHP, XML, COBOL, PROLOG, JSP, HTML, LISP


Eclipse, Visual Studio.NET, Oracle, Jakarta Struts, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTPD Dreamweaver, Lex, YACC

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