Senior Data Scientist


June 2014 – Present

The CEO pitched this position as ‘a startup within a startup’. This role focused on understanding business drivers and overall strategy to plan and implement projects with minimal oversight.

  • Created project plans with the CTO to add business value from aggregations of diverse pools of data
  • Managed a small department responsible for all aspects of development from statistical and analytic tools that modeled data to JavaScript visualizations using HighCharts and system administration of databases
  • Developed a data warehousing system to aggregate hundreds of millions of data points for product features and churn analysis using Java, Python, MySQL, and Airflow
  • Processed millions of free text resumes to extract actionable data using OpenNLP, Java, and Python
  • Developed full-stack prototypes of aggregations and visualizations for product teams to integrate into the platform using Python, MySQL, and JavaScript
  • Assisted the marketing team develop articles and visualizations of data for media outlets such as Mashable


Senior Software Engineer


Oct 2012 – March 2014

A position focused on high-availability, real-time systems, robotics, and mobile for an experiential marketing company

  • Developed the software backbone of critical real-time event software. This was used to remotely throw out the first pitch of an Oakland Athletics game as well as other projects
  • Designed and implemented a distributed queue system for interactive games
  • Managed international and domestic interactive events
  • Created test plans that simultaneously spanned many programming languages, AWS servers, and robots that were not available locally. During the San Pellegrino event, tight timelines required the robots to be shipped to Italy before it was possible to build the controlling software and, once assembled on site, one day to test and debug before production.
  • Developed an Android sensor based game that Intel Labs used to teach children about technology in phones


Applications Engineer


May 2011 – June 2012

A client facing position that implemented custom search solutions for clients ranging from local technology businesses to Global 100 companies

  • Responsible for all aspects of clients’ complete SDLC, including four simultaneous projects spanning three countries, from requirements gathering to bug fixing and up-selling future contracts
  • Traveled to customer sites including Europe to explore and establish user requirements and develop actionable plans for each customer
  • Implemented customer search solutions using proprietary tools included in the core package, XSLT, JavaScript and CSS
  • Wrote custom tools for internal analysis and customers in Java, Ruby, and JavaScript
  • Developed the demo for a new company product on a select team of intercompany department leads


Software Engineer 1


Feb 2010 – Dec 2010

A position with the US Navy to create browser based viewers for manuals of nuclear engines in Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. A six month contract extended to eleven months that encompassed the entire SDLC.

  • Created an interactive MVC web application that allowed users to update and share information in real time using EJBs, Java, Struts, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON
  • Developed a system to control user sessions across browsers logged into physically distributed servers using a combination of JavaScript, Cometd, AJAX, raw sockets, and a custom messaging interface
  • Wrote custom plugins for Apache Nutch to index special tags in HTML, XML, and SVG files
  • Embedded Apache Solr within web application to provide search capabilities and hit-highlighting
  • Developed tools to translate Navy manuals into a custom format for the web application with XSLT
    and Java


Research Engineering Intern

Robert Bosch North America

May 2009 – Aug 2009
  • Created design specifications and database architecture for a software engineering collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University
  • Developed an automated mapping system in Java between Ptolemy, an open-source embedded system analyzer developed by UC Berkeley, and an in-house modeling and code generation utility



Research Engineering Intern

Robert Bosch North America

Jan 2008 – Aug 2008

An internship where I became the lead engineer for a Java prototype used by designers of automotive embedded system that provided feedback on the functioning of the system and its component parts.

  • Combined and analyzed XML representations of real-time embedded system schematics using Java
  • Created independent Java tools to generate end-to-end signal flow of embedded components
  • Used artificial intelligence principles to highlight important modes and signal flows in embedded components
  • Created interfaces to the application that are easily accessible by the Eclipse plug-in environment



Personal Projects


Flannel Budget Planner for Android

Allows users to manage personal finances, create and automate bill reminders, curb impulse shopping, and create purchase plans with an interface to

  • Written in Java using the Android SDK plugin for Eclipse and’s Associates REST API

A start-up created with the idea of building a website of the scale of an established music resource such as Rhapsody or while only using free resources and a budget of less than $10,000

  • Created recommendations using Hadoop to efficiently create and semantically organize hundreds of billions of natural connections between artists
  • Designed and administrated a MySQL database that included over 1/4 million artists and 1.5 million albums
  • Used Java to interface with Amazon’s Associates API, Google’s YouTube API, and the API to generate artist information including images, videos, and a storefront
  • Developed a web interface using J2EE, Hibernate, Struts, and Tiles

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Robotics Group Lead Developer

Founded a student robotics research program focusing on autonomous path finding algorithms

  • Secured the initial grant and founded the program.
  • Developed an image processing algorithm to track and follow moving objects.
  • Developed a distributed application using C++ and Java that performed image processing on more powerful computers and forwarded the results to the robot’s controlling laptop.



University of Pittsburgh

Master’s of Science in Computer Science

May 2011

• Focus: Distributed Systems and Operating Systems
• Master project: Predictive Power Management in Distributed Web Clusters for Green Computing

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science

May 2006

• Ranked 1st in Graduating CS class
• Summa Cum Laude
• Minor: Mathematics, Philosophy